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Opinion: The child care sector needs entrepreneurs

Opinion: The child care sector needs entrepreneurs

Solving problems is a characteristic of all entrepreneurs. Yes, a lot of people are visionaries, risk-takers, and innovators. But the fundamental issue that underpins all entrepreneurial endeavours is: What problem am I/are we trying to solve? So, as a group of...

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The occasion is National Sun Safety Month.

The occasion is National Sun Safety Month.

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (KY3) – August is National Sun Safety Month, so when you're out at the lake or soaking in the rays at the pool this weekend, remember to protect your skin. This involves wearing sunscreen and being conscious of how much time you spend outside....

About Springfield, MO

Springfield is the seat of Greene County in southwestern Missouri, along the James River, at the northern edge of the Ozark Highlands, north of Table Rock Lake. Settled in 1829, its expansion was sluggish until the time of massive westward migration, when its placement on vital land routes drew pioneers. During the American Civil War, Confederate soldiers controlled the city for a few months following the Battle of Wilson’s Creek (Aug. 10, 1861; fought 10 miles [16 km] southwest) until they were driven out by Union troops in February 1862. James Butler (“Wild Bill”) Hickok was a Union scout who resided in Springfield and was acquitted of the murder of shooter Dave Tutt there. The Atlantic and Pacific Railroad expansion (1870) led in the formation of a competitor city, North Springfield, which amalgamated with Springfield in 1887.

Light manufacturing (steel products, paper containers, cleaning products, circuit boards, automotive glass and equipment, food processing), tourism, and educational institutions supplement the city’s agriculture-based economy (dairy products, poultry, stockyards). Drury University (1873), Missouri State University (1905), Evangel University (1955), Central Bible College (1922), and Baptist Bible College are among the later (1950). The city is home to the national headquarters of the Assemblies of God Church. Population (2010): 159,498; Springfield Metro Area: 436,712; (2020): 169,176; Springfield Metro Area: 475,432.

The Battle of Wilson’s Creek was a successful Southern engagement fought in the American Civil War between 5,400 Union troops under General Nathaniel Lyon and a combined force of more than 10,000 Confederate troops and Missouri Militia commanded by General Benjamin McCulloch and General Sterling Price, 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Springfield, Missouri. With 1,200 soldiers, Union General Franz Sigel assaulted the Confederate forces in the rear, while Lyon conducted a frontal attack with the main Union force. Sigel was defeated, and Lyon was slain after several hours of warfare. The Union soldiers retreated into Springfield, suffering considerable fatalities on both sides.

Springfield, MO

Springfield is a city in the state of Missouri. The Springfield Discovery Center includes interactive scientific displays ranging from DNA to dinosaurs. Dickerson Park Zoo, located to the north, has animals from all over the world as well as train rides. At Fantastic Caverns, trams pass through a cave filled with stalagmites and flowstones. Trails and botanical gardens are available at the Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park.

Area: 216.8 km²
Elevation: 396 m
Population: 167,601 (2020)
Area code: Area code 417